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BCT wins the Indian Wind Energy Forum (IWEF) Excellence Award 'Bigdata, IT & Analytics Company of the Year' - Read more


RETINA ENHANCE for Renewables

There is a constant need to increase power generation and efficiencies to sustain continuous price pressures and regulatory challenges. Any delays in reporting would have a direct impact on power production, which cannot be afforded by renewable energy generation companies.

RETINA Enhance is an OEM agnostic real-time asset monitoring solution built to monitor and efficiently manage your renewable business operations. You can keep track of the functioning of your wind farms/solar parks in real-time, and track variations in power generation and transmission, whenever and wherever.

These solutions also help to identify anomalies and initiate steps to solve them almost instantly. By integrating real-time monitoring solutions, Power producers are able to gain more control over their renewable asset operations.

The key features of RETINA Enhance:

  • Provides a unified view from portfolio to asset level
  • Gives important alerts and notifications in real-time on asset operation status
  • Helps deep-dive into the causes of anomalies through rich dashboards and trend analysers
  • Gives detailed reports (day, month, KPI, etc.) for any timeframe, that can help you keep track of your portfolio performance
  • Captures, analyses and classifies alarms and events through Pareto, trends and comparative charts
  • Role based view for different levels of information (Customizable user access )User configurable DIY graphs and dashboards, through simple drag and drop options
  • Mobile apps (iOS/Android) helps to get notifications of important events, whenever and wherever

RETINA EMPOWER for Renewables

Predict downtimes, find anomalies, increase revenue!

Renewable asset owners have a challenge to know where and why they lose revenue and precautions to reduce business losses. With the ever increasing price pressures and increasing business portfolios, it has become a best practice to integrate analytics solutions for optimized business operations.

RETINA Empower is a solution built on a patent pending predictive analytics platform, called RETINA, which helps you visualize, analyze & optimize power generation, and minimize downtimes. It provides a means to identify underperforming assets by using data science algorithms and by comparing outputs with expected performance or average park performance. The solution also provides failure predictions at component level and assigns performance index scores that helps you understand your asset behavior and take proactive corrective measures. Machine and deep learning techniques are used extensively in the solution to predict outcomes and add business value to users.

The key features of RETINA Empower

  • Compares actual energy generated with producible / forecast values to compute energy losses
  • Identifies root-cause of energy loss with detailed breakdown of factors affecting the same
  • Computes probability of failures in real-time and provides forewarning
  • Identifies anomalies instantly through day-to-day performance index scores
  • Analyzes if the maintenance undertaken was effective Pre and Post Maintenance
  • Helps identify effects of shadow & dust on a row / set of panels
  • Helps plan forecasting and scheduling adhering to regulatory norms
  • Provisions to analyze data through 2D & 3D charts, decision trees and on-the-fly models by selecting dynamic parameters across assets
  • Real-time insights on Business Performance benchmarked against the Business Plan
  • Helps making calculative forecasts on Business performance for the rest of the year
  • Helps understand what can be changed to achieve your business goals through effective “What – if” simulations

Product Highlights

RETINA Enhance

Insighful visualization and report

  • All data in one place with insightful visualization customizable to any business or industry
  • User configurable DIY graphs and dashboards, through simple drag and drop options
  • Built to suit needs of multiple stakeholders (CXO, operations head, site engineer, etc.)

Readily deployable & easily configurable

  • Can be deployed on the cloud or on premise as per customer needs
  • Built on a powerful data computation and BI platform customizable for any industry

Real-time integration

  • Real-time and pseudo real time integration with vastly diverse data sources
  • Supports device integration according to any given standards such as IEC
  • Extendable as you grow
  • System can grow with your capacity addition. Flexible to accommodate data your asset fleet that you may add in the future
  • Inbuilt adapters available for various data sources and has interfaces for enterprise applications like ERP / EAM

RETINA Empower

Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

  • Intelligent processing of data using statistical models and algorithms using fuzzy logic, neural networks and rule based engines that are customizable to any industry
  • Computational indices and pattern recognition models for component level failure predictions

Real-time & batch computations

  • Real-time and pseudo real-time integration with vastly diverse data sources
  • Accurate predictions even in the absence of real time data (with historic batch files)

Role-based access

  • Can be configured to show relevant info for different roles (eg: CEO, VP– Operations, Site engineer, etc.)
  • Role based view for different levels of information (portfolio view, park view, turbine view, etc.)

Extendable as you grow

  • System can grow with your capacity addition. Flexible to accommodate data from your asset fleet that you may add in the future
  • Inbuilt adapters available for various data sources with interfaces to enterprise apps like
    ERP / EAM

15 ways we help you run your
wind farms and solar parks better

Track & improve operational performance

Real-time monitoring

Real time comparison of Actual, Budgeted and Forecasted values of Revenue and Power Generation. Real time status of Turbine/ Panel/ Inverter and Critical Alarms.

Minimal production

Data from turbines / panels / inverters and external sources like weather stations, design parameters and more, computed to help you cut production losses & identify root causes

Accurate production

Losses, due to reactive power and balance of plant, tracked effectively to give you an accurate estimate on power that can be fed to the grid

Day-ahead forecasting & scheduling

Combining historical performance data, loss in balance of plant & weather conditions, to provide accurate day-ahead forecasting services

GIS systems & map based views

Rich 3D and map-based views to help you visualize real-time operations of Turbines and terrains and facilitate analysis of various turbines in the park

Improve availability & minimize downtime


Powerful predictive analytics system that analyses operations 24x7, to warn you on potential downtime to help you be prepared with corrective measures

Smart maintenance plans

Predict downtimes and plan maintenance smartly with Asset Risk Scores. The system prioritizes critical alarms and helps you plan maintenance activities to ensure peak performance


Analyze various operational parameters across your portfolio to identify the best and worst performing assets. Compare Budgeted and Actual output of your Production and Availability.

on mobile

Keep track of key events using mobile apps on Android & iOS. Get immediate notifications of critical performance parameters and events happening in your wind and solar parks


Rich insights to help you in having precise conversations with your O&M teams and OEMs to resolve key problems. Real time information that can help you address issues almost immediately.

On-premise vs. Cloud-hosted. Wind vs. Solar vs.
Integrated Systems. Create a system that suits your need.


On-Premise or hosted on the cloud - Either way, we guarantee high availability and performance

OEM agnostic

A robust solution that works efficiently with assets of a wide variety of makes and types

Extend as
you grow

In-built modularity allows you to extend the solution capabilities easily per your portfolio needs

unique to you

Customizable daily & monthly generation reports, as required by your business and asset portfolio

Smart curtailment management

Identify which turbine or inverter to turn off / on, based on the asset's risk profile and performance

Key information
available in rich
mobile applications

In addition to a central monitoring and analysis center, we provide a rich mobile app designed to let you receive key information & notifications in real-time about your asset portfolio performance.

Our systems are designed per
the roles and goals of you team

Our unique investor solutions help investors keep track of actual vs. budgeted vs. forecasted values on the performance of their renewable assets and better assess the return on their investments.




Customers us

"The insight from the advanced analytics and data mining capability of TOMS has enhanced our business case on existing assets. It has been an important factor for our confidence to further accelerate our growth in new projects in our 1800 MW pipeline".

With the introduction of TOMS, CWE has seen a marked improvement of performance in their assets.

Arvind Bansal

CEO & Founder of Continuum Wind Energy

"The partnership between BCT and Emendo Energy will add to the strengths of TOMS by offering financial metrics that are relevant for the Boards of renewable energy park developer’s track and assess their business case".


N V Venkataramanan

COO, Continuum Wind Energy


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Powered by RETINA.
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Our wind and solar energy solutions have been built on the award-winning RETINA - a Real-time Integration and Analytics Platform - which enables advanced operations and maintenance excellence, embedded with sophisticated computation engines and a new and unique combination of mathematical, statistical and analytical libraries.

RETINA has capabilities to acquire real-time data on equipment performance, and identify correlations through analytics libraries, monitor equipment health and its degradation over time. It has in-built features that offer comprehensive alarm management and drive enhanced power generation and equipment reliability.


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